Bathroom & Kitchen Remodeling

Make Your Vision a Reality
It's common for many homeowners to want to remodel their bathroom or kitchen. If this interests you, our professional electricians at Allaround Electric can provide a high quality remodeling service to your home at a comfortable rate.

Remodeling the bathroom or kitchen may involve a lot of tedious electrical work. You may need to move light switches, add new outlets, install appliances, changing the lighting of the room or even go as far as redoing the wiring.

Custom Kitchen Remodels

The center of the home must be warm, inviting and well lit, all at the same time.

Whether you are doing a complete remodel or just a simple upgrade to the kitchen, Allaround Electric pays close attention to your vision and will offer solutions to match your budget.

Lighting is likely one of the biggest electrical changes in your kitchen, aside from adding new appliances. For the lighting, you could choose recessed, canned lights, pendant or semi-flush options. Whichever route you take, we know the opportunities and limitations of each.

Once you start planning your new kitchen lights, however, other changes follow.

Allaround Electric can move light switches, add new outlets and even install appliances in ways that complement your new lighting. We are reliable, as well as fully licensed and insured to provide the best remodeling service for your home.

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Custom Bathroom Remodels

When you start combining electricity and water in a tight space, it can get quite dangerous. That's why we suggest that you work with one of professional electricians to get the job done right, the first time.

In the past, it was common for a bathroom to only have one simple fixture in the ceiling for lightning.

Today, homeowners are getting bathroom lighting installed over each mirror, in cabinets, along the floor and even in the shower head. Getting a homeowner's vision for the lights in the bathroom can be quite tricky.

Plumbing throws up some obstacles, as does the need for different levels of illumination in different areas of the bathroom. Allaround Electric has installed all kinds of lights in bathrooms both tiny and tremendous, giving us the ability to provide a high-quality remodeling service for your bathroom.

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