Outlet or Light Switch Issues

Cracked Receptacles, Overheating Switches and Broken Conduits
Outlet and Light Issues

How long have you been putting up with that bad switch or cracked outlet?

It's proven that many homeowners will typically let cracked receptacles, overheating switches or broken conduits wait until they can get around to fixing them. Your hesitance about fixing the underlying issue is understandable as it can take time and doesn't seem like an immediate or necessary fix.

The truth is however, electricity is a seriously dangerous resource and most electrical repair issues (especially with faulty wiring) should be inspected and fixed by an electrician.

Reasons for Cracks/Issues

  • Extension Box Overload
    The most common reason an outlet cracks is an extension box is connected and casues stress on the outlet.
  • Overloaded Outlet
    It's common for many people to overload an outlet with high performing appliances.
  • GFCI Circuit Not Installed
    Bathrooms and garages have a mandatory GFCI circuit that needs to be installed to protect against humidity.

  • Wall Switch Gets Too Warm
    Dimming switches typically can cause a lot of heat and if the receptacle is hot, it needs immediate improvement.
  • Wrong Switch Replacement
    Occasionally a switch will seem to do nothing or just goes bad, this is probably because the switch was installed or replaced improperly.
  • Safety is Important - Hire a Professional Electrician

    Don't risk an electrical fire, a surprise shock or your wellbeing. Safety should be an utmost concern and we, at Allaround Electric, can help you by providing our quality outlet and light switch resolution services.

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