Inspection and Repairs

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Electrical Inspection and Repair Services

We will perform an inspection of your entire home. We can also provide inspection and repair services for any electrical project that you have current or planned. This will allow our team to get a good idea of what needs to be repaired and will allow us to put together a personalized quote.

Home Inspection Services

Our previous clients range from the basic installation of line and low voltage wiring for homes, to homes that have full lighting automation, complex wiring for safety systems, and full security surveillance systems.

Electrical Repair Services

We offer the highest quality electrical repair services to your home with our experienced professionals. These repair services could range from your common electric wall outlets being repaired to full blown circuits, breakers and panel repairs.

Hiring a Professional Electrician

It's suggested that if you require an electrical repair that you have the problem resolved immediately by a professional technician. This way you can keep yourself from harms way and have the repair done correctly, the first time, resulting in better efficiency and lower longterm costs.

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